GUNZ! Customer “Accidentally” Shot at Dimitrio’s House of Pizza


A woman standing in the checkout line at a Walterboro restaurant was negligently shot in the back and in the back of her head.

According to police, a handgun fell out of the pocket of a second customer standing behind the shooting victim, and the gun fired when it hit the ground. (floor, duh)

The victim was taken to a medical center and then flown to another medical facility. She is conscious, alert and in stable condition.

Walterboro Police say 29-year-old Steven Harrison, the customer who possessed the gun, has been charged with unlawful carrying of a handgun.


COUNTONNEWS2 WCBD is reporting the victim was shot with a .22 caliber pistol with rat shot.

A rat shot is also known as a bird shot/snake shot/dust shot. It is small ammunition, typically used for pest control at close range, and is not very powerful.

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