Trump’s 2020 re-election strategy

The New York Times has reported Trump’s strategy to win the 2020 election and give us four more years of pure hell.

  • Regain voters in battleground states like Pennsylvania and Michigan, after losing many of themto Democrats in the 2018 midterms. 
  • Hope to win Minnesota and New Hampshire.
  • Promoting NAFTA 2.0 and paid family leave for federal workers in swing states.
  • Persuade black voters to vote for him; a move that’s highly against their very own best interest and will more thank likely, fall flat.
  • Using his Super Bowl, criminal justice reform ad to persuade black voters. Trump’s criminal justice reform law only affects inmates at the FEDERAL level.
  • Appeal to suburban, upper-middle class white voters who rode the Blue Wave in 2018.

Yet Mr. Trump’s messaging, like so much else about his approach to politics, is contradictory. For all the focus on appealing to moderates, the campaign is also engaging the president’s hard-core supporters with Facebook ads warning of the danger of undocumented “aliens” and their “invasion” of the U.S., and decrying “the impeachment hoax,” while also promoting polarizing policies like curtailing immigration.

Those inflammatory, targeted ads are ones that suburban voters may never see, a reflection of the campaign’s broad strategy: Keep his conservative base energized and chip away at his problems in the suburbs and communities of color.

Without winning a sizable chunk of black voters, independents, and suburban white voters in swing states, Trump’s chance for election decreases. But, he’s his own worst enemy in this area since he cannot help himself by going off-script and saying something highly offensive and inflammatory. Although his disgusting rhetoric appeals to his rabid base, it turns off the voters he needs to win in 2020.

“Suburban women is where he has a challenge,” said Senator Kevin Cramer, Republican from North Dakota.

“I think the biggest problem that he has with suburban women is the part that so many in his base like about him,” Mr. Cramer said. “His rhetoric, his punching down at his opponents. It’s so different than anything they’ve seen.”

To many black voters, Trump’s outreach is more showmanship than substance:

But many African Americans aren’t buying Trump’s rhetoric and say his message to black voters doesn’t match the social policies his administration has endorsed. They say Trump is long on public relations and short on substance in his courting of African Americans.

“The contradiction between how he governs and how he markets is truly remarkable,” said Cathy Cohen, a professor of political science at the University of Chicago. “His deployment of black people on television and in speeches is very different than the way that he has governed in terms of shutting black people out of the benefits they rightly deserve. But this week, they were part of the America he fights for.”

To help him campaign this election season, Be Best! will hit the campaign trail.

The first lady is scheduled to headline at least two fundraisers this spring, both supporting the Trump Victory Fund, a joint PAC between the Trump 2020 campaign and the Republican National Committee.

The fundraisers, first reported by Politico, are set to take place in March, with one in the Los Angeles area and one at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s private West Palm Beach club. The first lady’s office did not respond to CNN requests for comment and the Trump campaign would not confirm the fundraisers.

“First lady Melania Trump is a sought-after voice from the first family, who has the overwhelming approval and admiration of the American people,” Kayleigh McEnany, national press secretary for the Trump campaign, told CNN.


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