NASA finds major issues with software for Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft

Software errors could have destroyed Boeing Starliner, NASA says

“Clowns Supervised by Monkeys” Boeing Puts Space Industry in Danger


The Hill: “Clowns supervised by monkeys.” That is how some of Boeing’s (NYSE:BA) own employees described their colleagues in internal messages the company released as part of the investigation into the approval of the controversial 737 MAX.

The plane, which is currently grounded, went on to kill 346 people in two crashes due to its faulty MCAS software.


Unfortunately, it looks like the “clowns” at Boeing haven’t learned their lesson. The toxic and ridiculous corporate culture that developed the 737 MAX is alive and well. But this time, it’s putting the future of manned spaceflight in jeopardy.

According to a NASA safety review panel, Boeing narrowly avoided a massive malfunction during the December test flight of its CST-100 Starliner. Boeing’s Starliner is a space crew transportation vehicle developed to service the ISS.


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