Trump Complaints Result in DOJ Reducing Roger Stone’s Prison Sentence

Trump complains; DOJ changes course; allows possible reduced sentence for Trump Ally Roger Stone

The Department of Justice (DOJ) recommended on Monday that former Trump aide Roger Stone serve a prison sentence of between 7 and 9 years for lying to Congress and witness tampering.

In a court filing to a federal district judge in Washington ahead of Stone’s Feb. 20 sentencing, the department said the longtime Trump associate should be punished in accordance with sentencing guidelines, which recommend between 87 and 108 months. From The Hill:

PJ Media and Bloomberg then announced “Trump Defends Roger Stone: ‘Cannot Allow This Miscarriage of Justice'”:

President Donald Trump has angrily reacted to the news that prosecutors are recommending up to nine years in prison for Roger Stone. In their recommendation, they call foreign election interference a “deadly adversary,” although they don’t officially accuse Stone of working with either WikiLeaks or the Russians.

From PJ Media

From TPM: