EU lawmakers slam abortion ‘misinformation’ network

Several European politicians and MEPs have called for action against abortion "misinformation" clinics. Many of the Christian conservative facilities have been accused of spreading fear among vulnerable women.

[…]calls for action against Heartbeat International following the release of a report by leftist organization openDemocracy about the anti-abortion network Heartbeat International.

Heartbeat International provides anti-abortion pregnancy advice through a network of centers and affiliates. Its policies are consistent with Biblical principles and Christian ethics[…]

Africa, Latin America and Europe probed

OpenDemocracy investigators said they were pressured to continue unwanted pregnancies, even in cases […]

‘Deeply concerning’

[…], several Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) signed a letter expressing their “deep concern regarding matters related to the violation of fundamental human rights and gender discrimination.”[…]

Christian values 

“[…] engaged in the ‘crisis pregnancy counselling’ often claim to be inspired by their Christian beliefs … yet they have no qualms lying to pregnant women,” […]

Cultural and legal diversity

Since we work with pregnancy help organizations in more than 60 countries worldwide, we know that each country has its own abortion laws and cultural norms,” Heartbeat International’s Ellen Foell told DW.[…]


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