LETTUCE PAY: State of Kentucky must pay atheist $150K after denying him vanity license plate

Updated photo of Ben Hart, the atheist that won a lawsuit against Kentucky.

In 2016, the state of Kentucky told an atheist he couldn’t use an “IM GOD” license plate. Now, that’s coming back to haunt the state in an expensive way, thanks to a lawsuit he filed with the help of the ACLU of Kentucky and the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF.) That lawsuit has now been settled and the state will be required to pay Bennie Hart (the driver in question) over $150,000 in attorney fees and litigation costs, Friendly Atheist notes.

DMV officials contended the license plate message was “obscene or vulgar,” and rejected Hart’s request in 2016. At one point they also said the message was “not in good taste.”

Mr. Hart said he wanted to be treated like any other driver and that there was nothing ‘obscene or vulgar’ about his religious views.

The judge said Kentucky DMV officials “went too far” and that personalized license plates aren’t just for University of Kentucky fans.”


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