‘Old-boy-style racism’ by small-town cops leads to $600,000 payout to Portland man


Having worked for 12+ years for a towing and other automotive services business, Michael Fesser complained about racial harassment from other employees to his boss, Eric Benson.

His boss asked for a favor from a police chief buddy that he fished with

The brazen misdeeds by West Linn police include making a surreptitious audio recording of Fesser at work without a warrant or court order, arresting him without probable cause with the help of Portland police and seizing his cash, cellphone and documents without a search warrant, court records show.

The case file includes a raft of racist and crude text messages between West Linn police and Fesser’s boss at the time, aimed at Fesser and others. The West Linn detective who led the investigation against Fesser deleted the offensive texts from his phone and claimed they weren’t of a racist or homophobic nature, but they were found on another phone, according to the records.

Fesser eventually filed discrimination case against boss…that blew the lid off

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