The Hill implements new policies after lengthy review after John Solomon’s misleading Ukraine columns

John Solomon is now with FoxNews

Source CNN

“In some columns, there was context and/or disclosure that should have been included at the time of his writings,” The Hill said. “In other cases, these editor’s notes highlight what has been learned since Solomon’s columns were initially published.”

TheHill Memo


… The Hill said the central idea Solomon advanced about Ukraine and Biden was flawed in many ways and “disputed by officials in both Kyiv and Washington.”


“Pressed on why he did not disclose in his writings that [Victoria] Toensing was his attorney, Solomon initially denied he had quoted her while she served as his attorney and then said he would look into it and that if he did write about her, he should disclose the relationship,” The Hill’s findings said. “As part of this review, The Hill is adding disclosures … that should have been made at the time of publication.”
The Hill additionally raised concerns about Solomon’s reliance on Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer who went to Ukraine to investigate the Bidens, and his contact with Lev Parnas, a former associate of Giuliani involved in the Ukraine scandal who has since been charged with campaign finance violations.

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