SpaceX and a space tourism agency will team up to sell rides aboard its spacecraft

Planned flight will take space tourists further from the Earth than anyone has gone since the Apollo program.

SpaceX has signed a deal with a space tourism company to organize a trip orbiting the Earth for a handful of adventurous travelers.

Space Adventures — which organized eight tourism trips to the International Space Station between 2001 and 2009 — plans to help organize a flight for four people aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft. The trip could take place in late 2021, according to a press release and video Space Adventures released Tuesday. Passengers would spend up to five days hurtling through Earth’s orbit while huddled inside a gumdrop-shaped spacecraft that measures about 13-feet across.
The flight path could take the tourists to altitudes two to three times higher than where the International Space Station orbits, according to Space Adventures chairman Eric Anderson. That would be further from Earth than anyone has traveled in decades, offering views similar to those the astronauts aboard NASA’s Gemini 11 mission witnessed in 1966, Anderson said via Twitter.
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