Free Chat Friday, Week 8

We achieve the highs and lows of free chat.....and why? Because we can.....

Happy Friday News Viewers; another vitally important news week raising the questions, ” which of these is the best TV series of all time? The Wire, The Sopranos or Breaking Bad?”

Oh right. News. Where were we? We’re here at Free Chat Friday which means chatting freely on any and every topic because, as we say, in a river of centuries, what will it matter? Or in a mists of an instant, what isn’t news? So on that Zen note, a note which encompasses the macro and micro qualities of time, we know that all topics fit, as long as they’re sort of and barely within reason

Soundtrack? A reminder of Summer, because if you’re like me, Winter is getting awfully old about now and we’re ready for some thaw…… Sing it for us, Lana Del Rey …… 🙂