Weinstein Jury Deadlocked on Most Serious Charges

The jury of seven men and five women on Harvey Weinstein’s trial said on Friday that they were deadlocked on the two most serious charges, but suggested they were unanimous on the others.

According to some legal experts, the questions from the jury appeared to indicate that they were near to a guilty verdict on at least one of the lesser charges.

The jurors asked Justice James Burke on Friday afternoon whether they could be hung on the two counts of predatory sexual assault and unanimous on the other three, which include first-degree rape.

Conviction on the predatory assault charges, which carry a potential life sentence, would indicate that Weinstein is a repeat sexual offender. Two of the other charges carry prison terms of up to 25 years, while the third is up to 4 years.

The jury broke for the weekend and is expected to continue their deliberations on Monday.

More details on this story is at Reuters.