Is MSNBC Biased Towards Sanders?

Beholden to Never Trump partisans, the network can’t stand the Democratic Party’s shift to the left.

Andrew Lack, who became chairman of MSNBC in 2015, is known for his hostility toward progressives. The rise of Donald Trump allowed Lack to move the network to the right while still keeping its liberal audience. The trick was to use Trump’s triumph as an excuse to hire Never Trump conservatives, who could be relied on to criticize the president but strictly from a right-of-center point of view. Some of the already-existing hosts of MSNBC were natural Never Trump voices, notably Joe Scarborough.

A commitment to ancien régime resistance explains why MSNBC has been so obsessed with the Russia narrative, devoting countless hours to speculations about the schemes of Vladimir Putin and to the Mueller report, along with its sequel, Ukrainegate.  But the ascension of Bernie Sanders fundamentally threatens the entire edifice of the ancien régime resistance. Sanders has no interest in restoring the lost center. He clearly believes the only way to fight Trumpism is with a robust progressive program.



Article submitted by, Great Gazoo.