Bloomberg’s campaign of half truths

From doctored videos to fake quotes, the presidential candidate is muddying the water online – and it’s working

Mike Bloomberg’s campaign has spent the last month unapologetically performing the digital equivalent of dumping buckets of fresh garbage into the trash fire that is internet discourse in 2020, apparently with little or no concern for the toxic side effects.

The first sign that the Bloomberg campaign was prepared to test the unwritten rules around digital campaigning came in mid-February, when a coordinated “influencer” campaign flooded Instagram with paid content promoting the image of the 78-year-old billionaire as a bumbling but lovable dad just trying to get down with the kids.

Next came the campaign’s infamous post-debate video, which used editing tricks to fabricate a moment of triumph for Bloomberg out of decidedly less triumphant raw material.

Bloomberg is also paying a team of “deputy field organizers” to post scripted campaign messaging to their social media accounts.

Finally (so far), on Monday the Bloomberg campaign’s Twitter account published a series of fabricated “quotes” that purported to “guess” Bernie Sanders’ views on various “despots”.


Article posted by, Great Gazoo.