Florida Man finds 300 year old silver coins on beach

The Treasure Coast gets its name from a series of 500 year old Spanish shipwrecks

WABASSO BEACH, Fla. — A modern-day treasure hunter uncovered quite a score on an Indian River County beach last week.

Jonah Martinez, who’s been combing for buried treasure for 24 years, discovered nearly two dozen silver coins from a 300-year-old sunken ship…

Martinez and a group of friends were using metal detectors to scan Wabasso Beach last Friday night, when he suddenly got a hit on something special…

Martinez said he uncovered 22 silver coins from the 1715 Treasure Fleet wreck involving 11 Spanish ships returning from a trading voyage to Cuba that wrecked near Sebastian during a hurricane.

“It’s very special when you find something like that,” said Martinez. “It’s very unique and it’s very romantic.”

Martinez estimates the coins to be worth $5,000 to $6,000, however, he has no plans to profit off them.


Article submitted by, Ball Peen Hammer.