Giuliani Asked Governor Pataki to Cancel Mayoral Election Post-9/11

In an upcoming book by former New York Governor George Pataki, former America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani reportedly asked then-governor Pataki to cancel the New York City’s 2001 mayoral election so that he could stay in office after 9/11.

The former mayor allegedly asked the governor in a private meeting to extend his term limit, which was set to expire.

Pataki initially supported the idea, but then decided it would be a bad idea, as a matter of principle and politically.

“Are you really, right now, after a terror attack on our state, our city, asking me to just cancel the entire election? I am a conservative. We respect the law. For God’s sake, you’re a prosecutor! You know the law,” Pataki thought to himself. 

Giuliani denies asking for the favor, saying that Pataki is trying to sell a book.

“While some may look at Rudy Giuliani as a power-hungry politician, the reality is that he wanted to keep leading and helping with the recovery efforts. He believed staying in office was best for the city. I was sure it wasn’t,” Pataki wrote.

Pataki’s book “Beyond The Great Divide” goes on sale in April.

See the Hill.