Free Chat Friday, Week 9

My absolute favorite cartoon this week 🙂
Dave Granlund,

My favorite cartoon this week is Morona-Virus. .. .why? Great wordsmithing, for one, but also a reminder of the dumbest of dumb press conferences–the press briefing delivered by the Donald this week that managed once again to deliver no information mono-syllabically accompanied by gestures but unaccompanied by meaning of any kind.

It was truly a feat of non-speech making despite the use of speech, I still don’t know how the man does it—says nothing using so many words; delivers a message empty of all meaning that somehow eats up time. If you missed the press conference, I’d listen to it if I were you —it answered a scientific mystery– what exactly IS a Black Hole?. . . . .

Happy Friday people — let’s chat — anything goes and everything stays. . . . What’s on your mind?