Oregon Democrats sue Republican toddlers for fleeing the scene to stop cap-and-trade bill

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The people spoke in 2018 and gave the Democratic Party the SUPER MAJORITY in the Oregon State Legislature. In typical beholden to their BFFs in the fossil fuel industry behavior, Republicans abandoned the oath they took when sworn into office and walked out to deny quorum.

On Thursday, “Democrats on the House Committee on Rules voted to issue subpoenas to missing House Republicans that would require them to testify before the committee at the Capitol on March 5 regarding the reasons behind their boycott.”

“This is unusual, it’s extraordinary action,” committee Chair Rep. Paul Holvey, D-Eugene, said in a briefing with reporters after the meeting. “But it’s because of the extraordinary lack of action of the House Republicans not to show up and fulfill their oath to this body … This cannot become the new normal for the state of Oregon in the legislative branch.”

House Republicans began their boycott of the legislative session on Tuesday, a day after their counterparts in the Senate also fled from the Capitol. Members of both caucuses are believed to be out of state, with the exception of one Republican in each chamber — Rep. Cheri Helt and Sen. Tim Knopp, both of Bend — who have continued to attend floor sessions and committee meetings. Senate Bill 1530 was days away from coming up for a Senate floor vote when Republicans in that chamber walked out, but a House floor vote was further out on the horizon.

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