KKK wants to rally again in Dayton, Ohio; Mayor Whaley does not want them

Mayor Nan Whaley said the city of Dayton will explore whether there is any legal action that can be taken to stop the KKK-affiliated group’s request to visit the city again in September.

“Our community has already been through too much,” she said during a roughly 7-minute news conference this evening at City Hall.

Whaley said she also wants Montgomery County officials to do everything in their power to deny the permit. If the permit is approved, she said she hopes the county would pick up at least half the costs.

  • Dayton spent  $650,000 when the KKK (Trump’s base) held a rally on Memorial Day last May.
  • Mayor Nan Whaley  “national rhetoric” for the group’s desire to come to Dayton.
  • Too close to the presidential election.
  • The Honorable Sacred Knights said the mission of its organization is to “defend white Christian American rights” (Trump’s base).


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