Texas Walmart Blue Bell ‘ice cream licker’ to serve 30 days in jail

From Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office:

Port Arthur, Texas – D’Adrien L’Quinn Anderson was sentenced by County Court at Law #2 Judge Terrance Holmes today for an incident that occurred August 19, 2019, at the Wal-Mart in Port Arthur, Texas. Anderson’s 180 day jail sentence was probated for 2 years. As a condition of probation, Anderson is required to pay a fine of $1000.00 and restitution in the amount of $1565.oo to Blue Bell Creameries. Anderson is also required to complete 100 hours of Community Service. Judge Holmes also ordered Anderson to serve 30 days in jail as a condition of probation beginning immediately. L-Quinn was taken immediately from the courtroom to the county jail.

Wal-Mart was first made aware of the incident when the defendant posted video of himself on the internet licking from an open carton of Blue Bell ice cream. The video showed Anderson removing the ice cream carton from the display case, removing the lid, licking the ice cream, and also putting his finger into the ice cream. Anderson then placed the carton back in the cooler and closed the door. Anderson later claimed to have purchased the ice cream. As a result of the health and safety questions raised by the actions of Anderson, Blue Bell Creameries had to replace all of the ice cream in that display case at a cost of $1565.00.


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