Elizabeth Warren calls out the Bernie Bros. for their vicious online attacks

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow interviewed Senator Warren shortly after she ended her presidential campaign. Warren talked about many issues, including how she still holds hope that one day, the United States may actually elect their first, female president.

Maddow asked Warren about attacks Bernie Bros have made online directed at her and her supporters, noting tweets of snake emojis and others issuing calls for Democrats to launch a primary challenge against Warren in her Senate race. 

“I want to say for all candidates … we are responsible for the people who claim to be our supporters and do really threatening, ugly, dangerous things to others.

It’s not just about me. I think that’s a real problem with this online bullying and sort of organized nastiness.” 

-Senator Elizabeth Warren

Asked if it is a bigger problem among supporters of Sanders’s campaign, Warren said it is. 

“It just is,” she said. 

The Hill:

Senator Sanders addressed the issue before Senator Warren dropped out of the race. On Wednesday, Rachel Maddow sat down with Senator Sanders and asked him about the nastiness some of his Bros. have engaged in.

Bad audio quality and the guy’s a douche.

And after Sander’s lackluster Super Tuesday performance, some of his most dogged backers directed their outrage at his fellow progressive candidate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, sending a barrage of hateful messages and urging her to drop out of the race and endorse him.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Wednesday — before Warren dropped out of the race — Sanders was once again forced to address the more insidious side of his fan base. Sanders condemned them.

“We don’t need ugly, personal attacks against Sen. Warren, or anyone else for that measure,” Sanders said.

Business Insider:

During Thursday’s interview with Rachel Maddow, Senator Warren took credit for purposefully Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign:

‘Because that’s what girls do.’

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