Free Chat Friday, Week 10

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Good morning and Happy Friday, News Viewers! You’re stuck with me today because our lovely Rachel is a bit under the weather. Get well soon, Rachel!

No, I’m not ‘rigging’ an election by the cartoon I posted so, don’t start, seriously. We all have our opinions, the reasons why we will vote or have already voted the way we did, and we’re entitled to them.

What we’re not entitled to do is bullying nor shoving our views down others’ throats in an aggressive or semi-aggressive manner. It will no longer happen. Fight Trump and his Cult but not other members in this community. Thank you very much.

Done with my mom lecture.

It’s the weekend and it’s time to be with friends, family, get some of those chores done we keep putting off, or just kick back and enjoy some down time. Whatever it is you do this weekend, be safe and be happy. Life is too short to be bunched.

So, what are your big plans this weekend? Have any cartoons to share? Music?

Ms. G

Any Adult in the Room-2020.