Trump: ‘Just stay calm; it will go away.”

“It will go away, just stay calm. Everybody has to be vigilant, be calm. Everything is working out.

The consumer has never been in a better position than they are right now.”


President Trump traveled to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to discuss steps to protect Americans from the spreading coronavirus and press Senate Republicans to pass an economic relief plan to address its impact.

“We are working very, very closely with the cruise industry,” Trump said, noting that the airline industry could also get some help from Washington. “We’ll be helping them through this patch.”

  • Republicans not so quick to react and want to “which policies are warranted or to what extent.”
  • Members of the Democratic Party have different ideas such as:
    1. Requiring employers to pay sick leave.
    2. Boost Unemployment Insurance.

So far, there is no sign of the parties working together on any kind of bipartisan measure, and for now, Congress is scheduled to be on recess next week.

The Los Angeles Times:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has privately told several allies in recent days he personally opposes the payroll tax cut idea Trump has endorsed, according to two veteran Republicans briefed on the discussions who were not authorized to speak publicly.

McConnell has made clear he “detests” pursuing this particular policy, which would probably add to federal debt and deficits, and he has said many conservative GOP senators share his view.

The Washington Post:

According to another article in The Washington Post:

The White House is strongly considering pushing federal assistance for oil and natural gas producers hit by plummeting oil prices amid the coronavirus outbreak, as industry officials close to the administration clamor for help, according to four people familiar with internal deliberations.

President Trump has touted the growth of oil and natural gas production under his administration, celebrating their rise in politically crucial swing states such as Pennsylvania. But many oil and gas firms were hammered Monday by the price war that broke out between Saudi Arabia and Russia, driving oil prices down in their steepest one-day drop in almost 30 years.

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