Coronavirus updates: 3-11-20

Our lives have changed. The spread of this disease is real and not some ‘hoax’ to take out the Orange Ass. Please check out the website below for updates and what you can do to keep yourself and family safe. website 

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, issued a disturbing warning during a White House briefing Tuesday:

“Americans everywhere need to change the way they live their lives. Right now.

We would like the country to realize that as a nation, we can’t be doing the kinds of things we were doing a few months ago. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a state that has no cases or one case.

If and when the infections will come — and they will come, sorry to say, sad to say — when you’re dealing with an infectious disease… we want to be where the infection is going to be, as well as where it is,Everybody should say, ‘All hands on deck.”


The United States now has topped 1,000 as of Tuesday night, according to a tally from Johns Hopkins University. 

The coronavirus has led to 31 deaths so far across the country, according to The New York Times.

The Hill:

Of corse, that’s less than the flu but at least we have a vaccine that can help prevent one from catching the flu.

  • China announced another decline in the number of new cases, with just 24 across the country and 22 deaths, with all deaths and more than half the new cases in Hubei province. New cases are ‘imported’ including two from the United States.
  • The virus has been detected in nearly 40 states and the District of Columbia. A growing list of at least 19 states have declared a state of emergency, including on Tuesday Colorado, North Carolina and Michigan, the latter of which reported its first two cases.
  • Italy saw a surge in deaths on Tuesday with the total number passing 600 as health-care workers described a frenetic rush to save lives. A lockdown came into force across the entire nation and will remain in place until at least April 3.

The Washington Post:

How to differentiate between allergies and coronavirus:

Britain’s health minister said she tested positive for the virus, leading lawmakers to consider suspending Parliament.

Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington State will ban community gatherings of 250 or more people in the Seattle area.

The new WING NUT talking point:

Democrats demand apology after McCarthy tweets about ‘Chinese coronavirus’

Both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have cancelled rallies. Sunday’s Democratic debate will have no live audience. Get used to this hopefully, temporarily new norm.

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