British Columbia, Canada couple confronted at Costco for buying bulk Lysol wipes to re-sell for profit

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“But before I even got to the front entrance, I stumbled across this couple who were loading up the back of their Ford pick-up truck with these stacks and stacks of Lysol disinfecting wipes,” [Toronto Star’s B.C. bureau’s Douglas] Quan told As It Happens guest host Duncan McCue.

The pair explained to Quan how they hit several Costco locations every day in Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby, buy up all the Lysol wipes and cleaning liquid on hand, then turn them around for re-sale on their Amazon store Violeta & Sons Trading Ltd.

“And Mr. Ranga [one half of the couple] called me out of the blue yesterday to notify me that following [U.S. President] Donald Trump’s public address the other night, the demand online for his cleaning products had shot up and that’s why he had increased his price [from] about $75 to $89 to sort of take advantage of that.”

Amazon after the story ran removed their on-line-store.

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