Florida Woman says she slipped in a poop-filled shower in a Miami Gardens hotel, wants $30,000

Peggy Joseph went to take a shower while on vacation at Stadium Hotels in Early March.

While shampooing her hair, she felt a grainy, squishy substance underneath her foot, the suit says. She looked down and was “horrified and disgusted” to see poop filling her tub, the lawsuit says.

When she tried to get out of the bath, she slipped and fell and is now claiming she has “permanent bodily injury.”

“Stadium Hotel is responsible for the maintenance and timely repair of any hazards on their premises,” attorneys John Morgan and Andres Hermida said. “During Peggy Joseph’s stay, we allege the hotel negligently failed to use reasonable care and implement policies that could have prevented the foreseeable sewage system backup — and the resulting disgusting and traumatizing events that caused our client’s injuries.”

Miami Herald

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