Shoppers battle with broken wine bottles at Georgia Sam’s Club amid coronavirus panic

A man was attacked at Sam’s club in Hiram, Georgia on March 12 over an apparent dispute over supplies, according to several people who were present for the incident. Many immediately posted pictures and videos, which don’t show the stabbing itself, but do show the man getting attacked and eventually carried away by paramedics.

The details around the incident were not immediately clear. Some have stated the man was stabbed with fragments of a wine bottle, and others have emphasized that he was hit in the head. Some have said that they were fighting over packaged water, and others have said they were fighting over food and toilet paper.

After speaking with the injured men and other witnesses, investigators determined that a fight broke out when a man in a motorized shopping cart bumped into a couple’s cart. A woman confronted the man, struck him with her hand and accused him of ramming the cart, which was carrying their child, Ivey said.

The man in the scooter tried to back away, but the other man confronted him again, according to investigators. Ivey said both men at some point grabbed wine bottles and began hitting each other.

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