Green Bay Packer Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila tasered; arrested after refusing to sign document

Update on former GB Packer

Last episode KGB had issues with a school his children were attending…

Judge Donald Zuidmulder sentenced Gbaja-Biamila to six months in county jail for refusing to sign the documents [which he previously agreed to sign], and left the room while 10 Brown County sheriff’s deputies surrounded Gbaja-Biamila at the defense table and for several minutes tried to talk the 6-foot-4 inch former football player into complying with the judge’s arrest order. He repeatedly said he did not consent to the order.

Gbaja-Biamila opened the proceeding by saying he was not in court in person or as a respondent, but as a man. He said that despite providing the court with a birth certificate from California, “I am not a citizen of the republic.”

Zuidmulder went along, acceding to Gbaja-Biamila’s request to be referred to as “man” and saying he respected his right to worship the way he wanted to, but none of that would free him of obeying the law.


Article submitted by, A Non Ymous.