Free Chat Friday, Week 12

I Chat, Therefore I Am. . ..

Yes, Coronavirus has been news, but the real news this week hasn’t been the Coronavirus, it’s been the “press briefings” given daily by the “Coronavirus Task Force.”

To truly understand the level of incompetence, condescension, thievery, lies and misdirection doled out daily from the podium in the WH Briefing room, we have to watch the posturing, listen to the cornball platitudes, check out the mind boggling phenomenon of words coming out of moving mouths without anything actually being said. . . . . . And the cherry on top? Everything that needs to happen to contain the spread of this virus has already happened but will take some time to happen. Trump time..

Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon

Happy Friday, News Viewers, chatting freely is what’s on the menu. Lots to talk about–what are your views on this week’s news? Anything goes within reason–whatcha got?