End Times Pastor Jim Bakker Decries ‘Warfare’ Over His Silver Solution!


“Certain government agencies have claimed that some statements made by guests on this show could have potentially been interpreted to give the wrong impression about silver solution treating or curing COVID-19,” Bakker said. “While I strongly disagree with the idea that these statements were in context anyway misleading … In response to these government agencies, and after prayerful thought, we have suspended offering silver solutions.”

“My heart is broken,” he continued. “We know this is an inconvenience to those of you, our partners, who regularly use the Silver Sol solution and have done so for decades.”

“It has tore up a lot of our viewers,” Bakker added. “I am so heartbroken. It’s just like there is warfare. If there has ever been warfare in this country, it is right now.”

Right Wing Watch

I did a quick check of his Jim Bakker Store, and sure enough, he is not selling Silver Solution at this time.

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