Pentagon increases health measures in building as National Guard response tops 9,000

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After a Department of Defense contractor died from the coronavirus, the Pentagon raised its health-related lockdown to the second-highest level.

The Pentagon is now under health protection measure Charlie, indicating a high morbidity epidemic or contamination. Employees are advised to conducted substantial social distancing, shelter-in-place indoors or use medical countermeasures if directed.


To date, there have been 340 DoD-related coronavirus infections. A total of 174 are military. There were 41 new military infections in the past day alone.


National Guard:

More than 9,000 Guard men and women are delivering food, manning call centers, supporting local emergency management agencies, providing equipment training, disinfecting public spaces and providing tests.

National Guard Bureau Chief Gen. Joseph Lengyel likened the event to 54 different hurricanes happening at once.





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