Doctor Explains How to Safely Bring Groceries and Take Out Food Into Your Home

“Imagine that your groceries are covered in glitter, and your goal at the end of this is to not have any glitter in your house, on your hands or, especially, on your face,” VanWingen said. “Imagine that disinfectants and soap have the power to dissolve that glitter.”

The best way to keep the “glitter” out of your home is to leave groceries outside (on the back porch or in the garage) for three days if possible, VanWingen said. If that’s not possible, he adapted a surgical sterilization technique for use on groceries.

Dr. Jeffrey Vanwingen is a family medicine specialist from Grand Rapids, Michigan, with 23 years of experience, and a graduate of Michigan State University College of Medicine.

Dr. Vanwingen has released a 13-minute video that illustrates the serious business of bringing food safely into your home. Please watch the video and as the doctor suggests, do what you can to mitigate the spread of the virus in your home.

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