It’s 5:00 Somewhere

Welcome back to the Happy Hour News Views Lounge, and TGIF! As last week we came together because many of our watering holes were dried up for business, perhaps some of you are finding your Happy Hours expanding to every day? It’s still Friday, a good day to let our hair down. And let’s hope it finds at least some of us keeping structure to our lives, where every day is starting to feel like the weekend. Should we embrace the silver lining or what?

This is your place to join forces with your fellow friends here at News Views and quench your thirst for social hour.

Many of us have found new jobs this week, whether it be stay-at-home chef, stay-at-home teacher, stay-at-home spring cleaner………chances are, whatever you do, you are staying at home. And if you’re like me, you work up a thirst staying at home!

So join us if you’re bored, lonely, thirsty, or tired of your new lifestyle already. Share with us what you thirst for, and don’t forget to put a quarter in the jukebox. We have an eclectic taste in music here, and many of our entertainers are sharing from their “home studios.” Let us know what you’ve found that’s worth a share.