Billy Graham’s Daughter: The Silver Lining In The Virus Is It Will “Turn People From Secularism” And Back To God!


Billy Graham’s daughter, Anne Graham Lotz asked: “…could it be that God is using the coronavirus to get our attention so that we will listen to His message?” she writes, adding, “It’s time to pray! It’s time to turn away from our sin, self-centeredness and secularism, and turn to God in faith and trust.”

Tying catastrophic events to the will of God isn’t a new theme for Lotz. In 2016, she told right-wing radio host Steve Deace that “God allows bad things to happen” like the September 11 attacks and the San Bernardino shootings “to show us that we need him … we’re desperate without him.”


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While on The Jim Bakker Show, Lotz said, God “Moved Trump” To Take US Troops Out Of Syria In Order To Set Up The End Times!

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