Why do people want so badly to believe this fake story is true?

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The most widely read story on the Nat Geo website last week was about the fake animal stories going viral on social media—the dolphins supposedly in Venetian canals and the elephants purportedly making themselves at home in a town in China, getting drunk on corn wine. 


We still appreciate some good sarcasm though. Some of the Facebook commenters nailed it:

Jesse L.: “I saw a mammoth in the woods the other day. It’s really great to see they’re making a return, really great.”
Tim H.: “I saw a Velociraptor yesterday. She was solving a Rubik’s cube.”
Andrew F.: “My cats and dogs grew opposable thumbs during quarantine, and now they like to play chamber music.”

Fake Swans in Venice Canal or Real Swans in Venice Canal who are always there irrespective of coronavirus.

And humor site The Onion poked fun at the viral phenomenon with a satire piece about thousands of formerly endangered white rhinos flooding New York City.

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