Trump once again attacks PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor: “Be nice. Don’t be so threatening.”

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“Why don’t you act in a little more positive? … It’s always get ya, get ya, get ya. You know what? That’s why nobody trusts the media anymore.

That’s why you used to work for the [New York] Times and now you work for somebody else. Look, let me tell you something. Be nice. Don’t be threatening.”

Once again, Trump gets into it with PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor during a press briefing on COVID-19. Ms. Alcindor questioned Trump’s comments he made during an interview with Sean Hannity about whether some requests from governors related to the outbreak were overblown or unnecessary.

Of course Trump lied and claimed he never said what he actually said. Then, he became defensive and accused Ms. Alcindor of acting “threatening” during the briefing.

CNN’s Jeremy Diamond gave his mic to Ms. Alcindor so she could ask her second question. Trump replied with an off the rails rant about mass suicides, drug use, and depression.

Trump and Alcindor have a history of confrontations at press briefings. Trump repeatedly accused her of asking a “racist” question about his support from African American voters in 2018.

Earlier this month, Trump attacked Alcindor during a press briefing after she asked about the dismantling of a pandemic response team that was part of the National Security Council, which the president at the time labeled a “nasty” question.

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