Editorial- WHERE I STAND: Who are these people in our neighborhoods?

Brian Greenspun is editor, publisher and owner of the Sun.

Please help me. I no longer understand some of my fellow countrymen.

In the midst—not the end—of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that what I am watching, reading & hearing from the experts in the fields of science, medicine & common sense is so very different from what I am hearing from some neighbors & those strangers who have my email or phone number. And I just don’t know how to respond anymore in what my parents used to tell me was a civil tone.

I listen to America’s governor, Andrew Cuomo of New York, & what I hear is that his state is ground zero for the coronavirus war&everyone—everyone across America—should pay heed to his words. That includes even those people who don’t think they have a problem because they live in places where people don’t.

I hear from friends and loved ones—some who are in hospitals around the country fighting for their lives…— & for the first time I realize that even I can’t do anything to help them because we are in a world where who you know means nothing & what you know means everything.

…there are some in this country who want to pick on Nancy Pelosi of all people.

Distance ourselves. Out of earshot would be helpful.


Article submitted by A Non Ymous