Lockdown Art: Museum Asks for Art Duplicates using Household Items

How I spent my quarantine. . . :-)

Last week, the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles sent out a tweet asking individuals self-isolating at home to recreate their favorite pieces of artwork. But there’s a catch: Participants must make their masterpieces using everyday household items.

After days of being cooped up inside, members of the public proved more than willing to accept the challenge, responding with personalized remakes of pieces by the likes of Paul Cézanne, Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer, Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso. Some stay-at-home artists pulled from their stashes of coronavirus supplies (rolls of toilet paper and coffee filters, for instance), while others enlisted the help of their petschildren’s toys and even that morning’s breakfast toast to remake the perfect portrait.

His Master’s Voice by Francis Barraud, 1899.
Johannes Vermeer’s The Astronomer, 1668, (left) and recreation by Zumhagen-Krause and her husband featuring tray table, blanket and globe (right) (Courtesy of the J. Paul Getty Museum)
Dogs Playing Poker by C.M. Coolidge approx. 1904
Male Harp Player of the Early Spedos Type, 2700–2300 B.C. (left) and recreation with canister vacuum by Irena Ochódzka (right) (Courtesy of the J. Paul Getty Museum)
Modern Rome – Campo Vaccino
Joseph Mallord William Turner (British, 1775 – 1851)
and Modern Rome Found Objects Lockdown March 2020
Vincent van Gogh’s Irises, 1889, (left) and recreation by Cara Jo O’Connell and family using Play Doh, carrot slices and wooden beads (right) (Courtesy of the J. Paul Getty Museum)
Triple Self Portrait, by Norman Rockwell

Josh Fitzgerald@IntrepidHistory·Mar 27@GettyMuseum feeling a bit constricted indoors, so we had to pause for this Nahua-Coyote inspired musing from Florentine Codex Book 11.

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