Pennsylvania man asked to cover his coughing pulls out gun instead

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Report: Man ‘coughing and not covering’ led to shots fired at Johnstown Sheetz



Police say officers were called to the Sheetz on Broad Street last Saturday for reports of shots fired into an occupied vehicle.


The driver of the vehicle, 53-year-old William Sauro, drove away from the scene and called 911, but was arrested later after police viewed parking lot video.

Cops first arrived at the Sheetz and arrested 56-year-old Guillermo Alvarez, the alleged shooter.

Police say surveillance video shows Alvarez stop at the front door of the Sheetz and look back at Sauro in his vehicle before having an apparent conversation with him.

Alvarez is then seen walking over to confront Sauro, who got out of his vehicle, police say.

Police say Sauro then got back into his vehicle before hitting Alvarez with his vehicle.

That’s when police say Alvarez pulled out a gun and started shooting.

Both men have been charged with aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person.

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