Sacramento health alert: One-third of county’s coronavirus cases are connected to churches


Nearly a third of Sacramento County’s coronavirus cases are connected to churches, officials said Wednesday, a discovery this week that has prompted alarmed county officials to issue a special plea for congregations to stop holding services and prayer groups.

County health chief Dr. Peter Beilenson said of the 314 cases, more than 100 are connected to church groups.

Beilenson said 24 cases from one church alone. That church continues to meet.

“We want to make it absolutely clear to churches in the community they really have to shut down their gatherings, services, and prayer groups,” Beilenson said. “We have a problem with a couple of churches that have had their prayer groups still meeting.

Dr. Peter Beilenson

Most churches have halted Sunday services after a county order was issued in March for residents to practice social distancing, to shelter in their homes and to refrain from having more than just a couple of visitors.


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