Biden’s Last Message Is a Preview of a Virtual Campaign

Vanished are the public rallies, primary night parties, door knocking, and offices in key states, as the likely Democratic candidate Joe Biden shifts to a virtual campaign.

The Biden team will have to learn as it goes how to translate the campaign to virtual news conferences, fund raisers, roundtables and volunteer events.

It could be good news that people are home, eager for information from phone calls, online Biden events, and appearances on Sunday shows.

The latest digital ad focuses on a new fight for the soul of the nation.

Biden’s focus will be on four aspects of the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Trump is failing as commander-in-chief for sending health care workers into battle without proper protective equipment and ventilators.
  • Shifting from a fight for the soul of the nation revolving around decency, the fight is now against the Republican focus on corporate bailouts against the Democratic focus on health care workers, the unemployed, and small businesses.
  • Like 2018, the healthcare conversation gives Democrats the upper hand, and now like never before. Republicans refuse to drop their legal case seeking to invalidate Obamacare, and they refuse to reopen Obamacare enrollment in an unprecedented health care crisis. Essentially Republicans are determined to take away or deny health care coverage for millions of Americans.
  • Biden wants to present a calm and empathetic candidate while Trump continues to be vindictive and bombastic

Who do Americans want to listen to for the next four years, and who do they trust to guide them through the recovery from America’s worst domestic disaster in a century? On that, Biden is betting the contest won’t be close.

This opinion piece by Jennifer Rubin was in the Washington Post.