Netherlands: Intensive care admissions near critical level as MPs call for more beds

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The number of people being treated for coronavirus in intensive care wards rose by 38 on Wednesday, although the figure is not complete, officials said on Wednesday evening.

The number of intensive care patients had been rising at a rate of around 100 a day. In total, 1,147 people are now being treated in IC wards and there are some 200 beds still available.

Officials are working round the clock to boost the number of intensive care beds to meet the expected demand. The government has pledged to increase the total number to 2,400 by next Sunday, of which around 600 will be reserved for non corona patients.

If the Netherlands nears the critical number of 1,900 IC patients, officials say tough choices will have to be made. The public health institute RIVM says the total number of IC patients could reach as high as 2,500.

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