Chaos breaks out after man coughs and spits on grocery store’s produce

The chaotic scene broke out after a man allegedly, intentionally coughed and spit on the produce inside a Massachusetts grocery store.

Coronavirus spreads through respiratory droplets and research indicates just talking or breathing can transmit it.

“Odd behavior from people. Maybe whoever did that has other problems. But something like that should not occur. Period,” one shopper told WBZ’s Jim Smith.

“That somebody would even think to do that. It blows my mind right now especially with what’s going on,” another shopper told WBZ. “Everybody should be bonding together and be respectful of each other and try to stop the spread of this awful thing that’s going on right now.”

CBS 21:

Police say charges against the man could include assault and battery and destruction of property.

And, the store has banned him for life.

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