Florida Inmate Passes Gas, Cellmate Gets Beat-Down For Complaining

Gilford Joseph Abshire

DATELINE: Florida Keys

The farter, Gilford Joseph Abshire, 53, apparently passed gas in his 2 man cell, then made it worse by using the toilet.

The fartee, Roger Wonsetler, 62, told Deputy Brandon White, that “the smell was overwhelming and that he asked Abshire to give him a ‘courtesy flush’.”

“That’s when Abshire kicked Wonsetler, who was on the bottom bunk at the time, and then picked him up by the throat and threw him across the cell, police reported”.

“Abshire kicked Wonsetler in the face and torso until deputies intervened, police said.”

Roger Wonsetler suffered three broken ribs and a broken nose. He was taken to a medical center for treatment.

Abshire was arrested on charges of aggravated battery and aggravated battery by a person detained in jail. He claimed Wonsetler  attacked him.

The men are no longer cellmates.

Miami Herald

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