Germany’s coronavirus response: Separating fact from fiction

Germany’s low COVID-19 mortality rate has been marveled at by the foreign press. As with any news story constantly in flux, many things get lost in translation.

As of April 7, Germany had reported some 105,000 confirmed cases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. However the country’s death rate from the pandemic remains around 1.5%[…]

This figure is considerably lower than fellow EU members Spain (9.5%) and Italy (12%). This deviation has garnered a great deal of attention from English-speaking media, with US and UK outlets including the New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian […] painting a rosy picture of Germany’s handling of the crisis.

DW breaks down some of the most prominent narratives about the German response to the novel coronavirus and why the mortality rate appears so comparatively low — and whether they square with reality.

Claim: Germany is testing at one of the highest per capita rates in the world[…]

Claim: Germany is allegedly considering issuance of “immunity certificates”[…]

Claim: Germany’s death rate is so low due to advanced planning and an excellent healthcare system

Claim: The US government is trying to steal Germany’s vaccines

Claim: One reason Germany’s mortality rate is low is because Germans immediately stuck to the rules about social distancingto

To check reality please surf to Deutsche Welle

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