Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos ‘You are incredibly safe to go out’

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“You are incredibly safe to go out.

Actually, there’s less exposure here than you would get if you went to the grocery store, or you went to Walmart, or you did any of the many things we have to do to live in the state of Wisconsin.” 

-Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R) 

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, a Republican, wore a mask, gloves and other protective gear as he sought to assure voters it was “incredibly safe” to vote in person for Tuesday’s election amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Standing in front of cars lined up for curbside voting, Vos said people working at polling locations and those voting in person face “very minimal exposure.”

Vos’ message was strikingly disconnected from his PPE-heavy outfit, in which the speaker looked more like a surgeon than one of the state’s most powerful politicians. Vos did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


‘What an absolute clown!’

-Joe Scarborough

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