Iowa woman drives to police station to have meth tested for coronavirus

Woodbury County cops said Shawn Salmen wandered into a police station over the weekend “showing signs of impatience such as erratic behavior, emotional, paranoid and profuse sweating” and confessed she’s smoked methamphetamine.

The covidiot then asked the officers to test her drugs for COVID-19 contamination.

A test allegedly revealed that the drugs found on Salmen’s person and in her car, including a “white crystalline substance,” tested positive for meth and marijuana. Cops said the 53-year-old Sioux City woman also had drug paraphernalia in her possession. The meth stash weighed half an ounce.

NY Daily

Salmen, who lives in Sioux City, was arrested on a pair of felony narcotics charges and a misdemeanor pot possession count. She was released Tuesday from the Woodbury County jail after posting $25,000 bond.

The Smoking Gun


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