Germany’s Maas: Trump coronavirus response took ‘too long’

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has criticized Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic, saying it was too slow. He also condemned China and Hungary's response to the spread of COVID-19.

Germany’s foreign minister […] said he thought the US had not shown enough urgency in its response to the crisis, saying that the virus had not been taken seriously.


“China took very authoritarian measures, while in the US, the virus was played down for a long time,”[…] “These are two extremes, neither of which can be a model for Europe.” […]

[…],adding that aggressive trade policies may have hurt the country’s ability to procure protective equipment.

“Let us hope that the US will come out of the crisis better than it started. There really isn’t any dispute, even in the USA that many of the measures taken were too late. Let’s see what the American government’s approach to discussions leads to, whether the ‘America First’ model really works. ”

Authoritarianism ‘not necessary’

[…]China should not pretend that its authoritarian approach to implementing a lockdown had been proved correct.

“It is obvious that such narratives are being worked on, “[…]

Hungary actions ‘not proportionate’

[…]powers adopted by Hungarian Prime […] went too far.
[…] the right to rule by decree […] with no time-limit
[…] the ability to jail people for up to five years if they spread “fake news” about the virus. […]


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