What we have ignored: Food lines to food banks amid the COVID-19 crisis

The United States: The newest Third World Country

We constantly hear about checks that at some point, most of us should receive to help fill the void during these trying times. We know our unemployment filings have now reached nearly 17 million people in last three weeks but we haven’t heard much about the food lines. We also haven’t heard much about our fellow Americans hungry and their inability to feed their families We’re now waiting in long lines in the richest country in the world to feed our families.

We know cities, towns, rural areas, pretty much all of the United States have areas that suffer from food insecurity. But with this many people out of work and our kids at home because school is done for the year, hunger is a major issue that we don’t hear many people talking about. Where are our leaders?!?!

Below, is a compilation of lines, waiting to get a crust of bread and such from America’s already depleted and overwhelmed food banks.

Welcome to the new US of A, a Third World Country. Given how we ignored the severity of COVID-19 and the ignorance our ‘leaders’ displayed, most likely, these lines will grow even larger within the next week or so.


Please go here to see what you can do to help:

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