Chaotic Wisconsin primary results

After trying to steal an election, making voters stand in long lines, while potentially exposing themselves to the deadly COVID-19, Wisconsinites elected liberal Supreme Court candidate Jill Karofsky to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Trump had endorsed her opponent, Justice Dan Kelly but, that didn’t happen. Conservatives still hold the majority 4-3 but, Karofsky’s victory could give liberals a chance to take control in 2023.

Joe Biden also emerged victorious, as expected, in the state’s Democratic presidential primary. Biden’s easy victory became academic when Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders dropped out, one day after Wisconsin held in-person voting.

But the absentee-ballot-fueled victory by liberal Supreme Court candidate Jill Karofsky was a huge win for Democrats.

Karofsky will now be on the court when the Republican-controlled Legislature goes about the task of redistricting next year, a fight that many expect to be decided by the state Supreme Court.

Associated Press:
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