Countering Donald Trump, Ohio’s Secretary of State says Vote-By-Mail is Safe

Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose 

On the eve of Ohio’s scheduled March 17 primary Election Day, Gov. Mike DeWine and state health officials ordered polls not to open as cases of the new coronavirus in the state were climbing. The General Assembly subsequently moved the election to April 28 and required all ballots to be cast by mail, except for those cast by voters who have disabilities or no home address.

Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State (R) Frank LaRose continues to defend the integrity of voting by mail despite President Donald Trump’s attacks on the process.

Even though he voted by mail in Florida himself, Trump has claimed without citing evidence that the practice “corrupt.”

Governor (R) DeWine and Secretary of State (R) LaRose have produced a video about mail-in-ballots for the primary.

LaRose does not believe that mail-inballots favor Democrats, citing the 2016 presidential election and the 2018 governor’s election.

“I can tell you that’s not the case in Ohio. As I’ve said, we’re fortunate that we’ve been doing vote-by-mail for a long time. We know how to do it, and we know how to get it done securely,” he wrote in response to a tweeted question by the Dayton Daily News. “Hope we can get back to normal for November, but we’ll be ready no matter the situation.”

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